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Updated : 2016-08-11

Corporate Overview

The Chilwee Group, established in 1998, is headquartered in Changxing county, Zhejiang province, China. 

Chilwee manufactures high power batteries and also develops innovative energy storage solutions. The company is constantly engaged in research and development and is the leading company in a highly competitive field. 


Chilwee proudly went public on the Main Board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange in July, 2010. It is now a crucial high-tech enterprise and among the 500 largest in China. In 2012, the company ranked first place on a list of the top 50 Chinese private enterprises. 

Chilwee has 18 subsidiaries in 7 provinces, including nine national high-tech enterprises, and has 20,000 employees.  

Chilwee owns factories in several provinces, including; Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Henan, Jiangxi, and Shandong. 

Chilwee has made significant investments in technical innovation, production equipment and environmental protection equipment. 

Products & Technologies

Chilwee produces a wide array of products including; energy storage batteries, electric lithium batteries, batteries for electric vehicles, and solar/wind power storage batteries. 

Chilwee is currently developing automotive start-stop batteries in cooperation with Germany’s Moll Batteries. Additionally, Chilwee is also focused on developing new technologies such as super capacitors and lead carbon batteries. 

Market Performance 

Chilwee has maintained a rapid rate of growth in recent years. In 2013, its total sale revenues exceeded 50 billion yuan ($7.53 billion), with a growth rate of 48.5 percent. 

Chilwee is currently the largest battery producer in China and is ranked No 4 worldwide. 

Chilwee’s products are distributed all over China and are exported to many overseas markets, including Asia, Europe, Africa, and Latin America.

R & D Capabilit

Chilwee is a company driven by the desire to develop and innovate modern technology. In regards to such efforts Chilwee has established an important institute for postdoctoral scientific research, a key national laboratory, a significant institute for enterprise research, and a provincial development center geared towards new technology.

Chilwee has also developed a further three nationally important institutes for scientific research, namely; a national enterprise for technology, a national enterprise laboratory, and a research center dedicated to engineering technology for the purpose of environmental protection. 

Presently, Chilwee scientific research institutions have already developed 1,850 advanced devices, including XRD diffractometers, scanning electron microscopes, direct reading spectrometers, and laser particle analyzers. 

As of September, 2014, Chilwee possessed 678 authorized patents, two of which were granted the award National Patent Excellent Medal. It has participated in the drawing up 28 of the national industrial standards. 

Chilwee independently researched and developed the leading non-Cadmium process in the production of batteries. Our technology helps to save 28.5 percent of energy expended and 90 percent of water typically used. The process has zero-discharge of waste water. 

Chilwee is included in the “National Torch Program”.  

In order to be an outstanding enterprise in the ever-changing energy industry, Chilwee invests a great deal of time and money into finding and developing the talented individuals of tomorrow. This effort has included establishing an Electrochemistry Masters Program with Harbin Institute of Technology. 

In the sector of new energy, Chilwee has employed many experts from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Engineering, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and expert professors from universities and institutions in the US, UK, Germany and Japan. 

International experts at Chilwee 


In 2005, Chilwee was accredited with a place on Forbes’ Top 100 Potential Enterprises.

In 2009, Chilwee was listed as a top 100 growing enterprise worldwide in the field of new energy industry.

In 2010, Chilwee was awarded the UN International Green Environment Protection Award.

In 2012, Chilwee was awarded the Global Leader in Battery Industry Award, Excellent Innovation Award, and Excellent in Growth Award by Frost & Sullivan, an international recognized consulting and research agency.

In 2012, Chilwee ranked first in a list of the top 50 private enterprises in China.

In 2013, Chilwee was listed as a top 500 enterprise in China.

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