Xixi National Wetland Park

Updated : 2016-08-05

This well known spot is called one of the "Sanxi (Three Xi)” of Hangzhou, with West Lake, and the Xiling Seal-Engravers Society being the other two. It covers 10 square kilometers in western Hangzhou, less than 5 km from West Lake and is China’s first and only national wetland park to combine urban life, farming and wetlands.



[Photo from en.gotohz.com]

It has a 1,800-year history and was recorded as being discovered in the Eastern Jin Dynasty (317-420). It flourished during the Ming and Qing dynasties but experienced a decline in modern times then sprung back to life. In the past, its serenity also attracted numerous authors who took their inspiration from it.


[Photo from en.gotohz.com]


[Photo from en.gotohz.com]

It is rich in natural resources and refreshing scenery was listed as one of the Ramsar Wetlands of International Importance, on Nov 3, 2009. Water is of course its focal point since it takes up 70 percent of the park, creating a special habitat for various plant and animal species. It has six creeks crisscrossing it, spilling into various ponds, lakes and swamps. 

Chinese: Xixi Guojia Shidi Gongyuan

District: West Lake 

Bus line: K506, K310, Y13K193, K823, Sight-seeing 1, K356, K830, K86

Phone: +86-571-8810-6688; +86-571-8908-1133

Tickets: 80yuan (boat rental not included)

Hours: 8: 30-17: 00