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Linhai Economic Development Zone

(ezhejiang.gov.cn) Updated : 2016-08-09

Overview of Linhai Economic Development Zone

With a planned area of 11.4 square kilometers, the Linhai Economic Development Zone (LHEDZ) was established in May 1992, and later in 1993 elevated to a provincial economic development zone approved by the government of Zhejiang. Regional adjustment in February 2001 brought the planned area expansion to 25 sq km with a population of 33,000 (subordinate areas included). With the industrial development as its main objective, LHEDZ is fully equipped with functional facilities, and strives to harmonize industry, trade with education, entertainment and residence.


Using the principle of constructing the park first and attracting business later, LHEDZ has marked out the directions of a high level regional development, and is positive to attract capital. It made a financial contribution of 1 million yuan ($149,850), and entrusted Tsinghua University with the design and modern layout of the city construction. A complete educational system, ranging from kindergarten, primary school, ordinary middle school, vocational middle school, to college/university, has been formed, which would be an asset for future development of LHEDZ. Guesthouses, hospitals, marketplaces, sports grounds, and other facilities are also well equipped inside LHEDZ.

Economic development status

By the end of 2001, 526 industrial enterprises had been introduced into LHEDZ, bringing total investments of 1 billion yuan, among which 30 large enterprises invested more than $30 million. LHEDZ performs industrial diversity and breeds superior industries with three distinctive regional characteristics, namely the motorcycle industry represented by Zhejiang Haoqing Motorcycle, the building materials industry with Linhai Deren Decoration Material Company as the leader, and the arts and crafts articles industry led by Taizhou Lifa Electronics.

Investment services

LHEDZ operates within a trinity official business handling system, including the functions of development zone, business attraction bureau, and street offices. LHEDC has set up a business attraction center to provide a full-course delegate system, streamline services, and one-stop charges with a simple investment formality. It can also provide investors with project applications, project consultation, certificate and license applications, and other services.

After one decade of construction, LHEDZ has become the economic leader of Linhai city, a window open to the outside, a magnet attracting business and capital, the model of city construction, and the stimulation to accelerate the process of regional economic development. Investors from home and abroad are greatly welcomed to settle in LHEDZ.