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Huangyan Economic Development Zone

(ezhejiang.gov.cn) Updated : 2016-08-09

Overview of Huangyan Economic Development Zone

Approved by the Government of Zhejiang province in 1994, Huangyan Economic Development Zone (HYEDZ) was set up as a provincial development zone, with an overall area of 9.02 square kilometers. It is composed of three divisions, namely integrated investment, light industry and pharmaceutical and chemical industry investment and foodstuff cans.

The planned area for the integrated investment division was 2.02 square kilometers, with one square kilometer on the southern side for commercial houses, and 1.02 square kilometers on the northern side for industrial purposes. As of the end of 2012, 137 enterprises, engaging in plastic moulds, and arts and crafts, had been introduced to the northern division.

The planned area for the other two divisions was seven square kilometers. The zone is now entitled one of the "Zhejiang Provincial Chemical Raw-material Medicine Production (Export) Bases".

During the 10th Five-Year Plan (2001-2005) period, in order to create a new Huangyan Economic Development Zone with four major blocks (an integrated investment division, chemical industry division, foodstuff division, and plastic mold division) with corresponding supporting industries, HYEDZ aimed to extend the integrated investment area by two square kilometers northward, and to enlarge the building area of the original chemical industry division by 800 mu (53.33 hectares) to construct an 1,800 mu refined chemical industry division.


HYEDZ is fully equipped with basic supporting facilities, such as water, power and steam supply, telecommunications, water drainage, and effluent discharge. One thermal power plant and one chief waterworks with a 25 thousand tons/hour supply capacity have been put into operation. An effluent discharge project with a daily 80,000-ton discharge capacity is also operating smoothly. The planned total area for the foodstuff cans division reaches 1,000 mu, which is expected to be the country's largest cans production base. 

Economic status

In total, 180 enterprises of various types have been introduced into HYEDZ. In 2001, the gross industrial output reached 2.04 billion yuan ($305.7 million). The pharmaceutical and chemical industry, plastic molds, and foodstuff cans industry accounted for 33 percent, 31.3 percent, and 20.6 percent of that total, respectively. The export delivery value reached 760 million yuan in 2001; self-run exports accounted for $851.88 million.

Regional functions

1. To promote the adjustment of the industrial structure, increase scale, transfer the agricultural surplus labor force in greater numbers, and accelerate the progress of urbanization.

By exploiting the superiority of the "Automobile and Motorcycle City", and relying on the regional main enterprises, HEDZ brings together Huangyan local enterprises and promotes the adjustment and reform of the industrial structure.

2. To take the lead in advancement and implementation of hi-technology to attract business and capital. To meet the requirements of economic development, it is introducing sophisticated production techniques and modern management experience to optimize industrial structure of the zone.

3. To construct a thriving, democratic and civilized center with regional radiation effect. HYEDZ will implement modern city planning concepts to develop new-style industries which integrate environmentally-friendly hi-technology services with tourism and leisure recreation. It will also plan land use for housing, public construction, and forestation to build a city harmonizing natural environment with industrial development.