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Keqiao Economic Development Zone

(ezhejiang.gov.cn) Updated : 2016-08-09

Overview of Keqiao Economic Development Zone 

The Shaoxing Keqiao Economic Development Zone (KQEDZ) is embedded on the prosperous Shanghai-Hangzhou-Ningbo economic belt of the Yangtze Delta, with the Hangzhou-Ningbo Railway, No. 104 National Highway (Beijing-Fuzhou) and Zhedong Great Canal traversing it. The entrance to the Hangzhou-Ningbo Expressway is only eight kilometers from KQEDZ.

Since 1998, KQEDZ has been one of the ten provincial-level economic development zones in Zhejiang, and it was the first provincial level economic development zone in Zhejiang that passed the ISO14001 environmental management system. KQEDZ contributes about 60 percent of the total revenue of Shaoxing county.

Shaoxing County possesses large-scale light textile industries and is well-known as China Textile City. Since the establishment of KQEDZ in 1993, enormous funds and investments have poured into the Kexi Clothing Industrial Park and Kebei Clothing Industrial City in KQEDZ. By 2003, all the efforts were paid back: both locations had fully developed to be the driving force of regional economies, and the settled projects were undergoing rapid development with bright prospects. KQEDZ has become an excellent zone for investors both from home and abroad, and the most important economic development section in Shaoxing county.

As an advanced development zone in Zhejiang province, KQEDZ will strive to attract investment, penetrate the international market, and grow into a first-class provincial level economic development zone. 

China Light Textile City  

Located in Keqiao city, China Light Textile City covers an area of 192,000 square meters with a total construction area of 605,000 square meters, including 13,500 business booths and 19 specialized markets (13 textile markets, one textile raw material market and five textile and machinery and light product markets). China Light Textile City brings together good quality and innovative products of more than 1,000 types from around the world. Each day over 70,000 people visit China Light Textile City, and the daily trading amount exceeds 50 million yuan ($7.5 million).


Infrastructure in Shaoxing county has greatly improved over the last decade. Now the county has 850 kilometers of highway, averaging 60 kilometers per 100 square kilometers. Public transport interconnects with almost every village in the countryside. A transport network, radiating from the China Light Textile City in Keqiao, is at an early stage. Stable electricity is available from the East China Power Grid, supplying 2.25 billion kWh of electricity to the county, which is sufficient for daily life and industry. The installed telephone capacity is 100,000 lines. There are currently more than ten phones for every 100 people in Shaoxing. The daily water supply to the urban area is 200,000 tons.

The county pays great attention to environmental protection. It won the titles of "National Advanced County for Afforestation" from the central government, and "The 500 Best Counties of Global Environmental Protection" from the United Nations' Environmental Program. The constant improvement of infrastructure has bred favorable conditions for fast, healthy and sustainable economic development.

Products Export

The following are the main items for export:

Knitwear& Textiles

Artificial cotton yarn, processed silk, cambric yarn, yarn of ramie, rabbit hair yarn, dyed cloth, velveteen, cotton cloth, corduroy grey cloth, yarn woven khaki, jacquard satin, polyester cotton cloth, staple rayon, cambric cotton blend, gunny cloth, flannel, woolen fabric, vests, singlets, knit cloth, acrylic gloves, tea towels, table cloths, T-shirts, embroidered dresses, cardigans, rabbit hair gloves, acrylic sweaters, nylon socks, embroidered children dresses, sport socks, elastic combed trousers, cotton jerseys and trousers, panty hose, warp knit fabric, acrylic blankets, cotton yarn, towels, cloth blankets, and similar products.


Down products, western style suits & trousers, sheep-hide garments for men, velveteen trousers for children, polyester/cotton long trousers, jackets, cambric/cotton sweaters, pure silk jackets for men, men's habotai shirts with short sleeves, cotton flannel shirt, polyester/cotton shirts, pajamas, jeans, and children's dresses, and similar products.

Cereal, Oil, Native Products & Animal By-products

Shaoxing rice wine, bamboo shoots in soup, hot pickled mustard tubers, sesame cake, tea, bamboo leaf, bamboo mat, tin foil, bamboo sticker, orchid, goldfish, cock feather string, feather and down, goat hide, plain stitched carpet, spun silk, left-over silk balls, left-over silk, mixed piece goods, candle, snake poison, dried snake gall, pig hide bag, and ox hide slippers, and similar products.

Light Industrial Products

Air valve holders, front and rear hubs, five pcs steel bowls, eight pcs steel bowls, hand brakes, spring seats, axles, overlock sewing machines, stainless steel dinner sets, plastic slippers, leather purses, leather wallets, ceramic igniters, self-service wheel carts, wall & floor tiles, knit bags, stapling needles, thumbtacks, traveller's bags, barbell poles, ping pong table supports, sports caps, plastic toy drums, wooden tabletops, screws, auto parts, seabeach deck chairs, wheeled suitcases, nylon umbrellas, light duty construction materials, and computer soft disks, and similar products.

Arts & Crafts

Venice lace, machine embroidered fabric, soft wood paintings, embroidered pieces, fans, Chinaware, pearls, drawnwork, edge laced article, beaded curtain, and similar products.

Hardware, Mineral & Machinery

Horizontal pushing pedals, dumbbells, wrapping iron sheets, square ship tacks, corrugated nails, electrolyted manganese, copper belts, telescopic antennas, TV sets, soft metal poles, chain wheels, grinders, brake clips, rubber milling machines, hole-drilling clampers, heavy clampers, galvanized iron scissors, stainless steel clips, belt presses, flange plates, copper/aluminium electric wire, bench drills, lathes, molds, switch bodies, crankshafts, pneumatic cutters, pump bodies, union nuts, water purification pumps, warp knitting machines, and body building apparatus, and similar products.

Medical & Healthcare Products

Absorbent gauze, bandages, gloves for medical examinations, gauze cuttings, absorbent cotton, operation towels, abdomen sponges, and similar products.