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Tonglu, a treasure trove of natural beauty and history

(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated : 2016-08-16

Tonglu county is situated at the Fuchun River in Zhejiang province in southeastern China. With a great mix of natural scenery and historic sites, Tonglu county was extolled by ancient poets. Karst caves, groves, springs, waterfalls, rivers, lakes, mountains and rocks can all be found here, helping you cool off down during the hot summer days.

Tranquil Fuchun River


The renowned Fuchun River, like a green jade ribbon, stretches through the green and luxuriant hills. The most tantalizing place along the quiet and beautiful river is Tonglu county, dotted with tranquil villages and trees on both banks.

The stunning "small three gorges", situated on the Fuchun River, should not be missed. They are often compared to the Three Gorges along the Yangtze River in terms of natural beauty. Here, tourists can experience a series of cool water games, such as water cycling, water tug of war and water basketball.

As tourists drift along the Fuchun River, they might feel they are entering a mobile landscape painting, and will take delight in scenery pleasing both to the eye and the mind.

Yaolin Wonderland


During the Olympic season, visitors coming to the Yaolin caves can watch the live broadcast of the Games while cooling off in the caves. Yaolin Wonderland is a group of limestone caves formed by corrosion through the ages. With stalagmite and peak stones in fantastic shapes and colors as well as murmuring streams, pools and cliffs, its halls are interconnected with passages and chambers.

Yaolin Wonderland stretches 1 km in depth and covers 28,000 sq m. It ranks second on the list of the newly developed natural scenic sports among the Forty Best Tourist Resorts in China. It was also awarded as one of the Ten Best Tourist Resorts in Zhejiang province.

In the spacious fourth to sixth halls of Yaolin Wonderland, 300-odd immortals from more than 20 myths and legends, such as Nuwa Patching the Skies and Houyi Shooting Down the Nine Suns, are displayed through lifelike modern audio-animatronics, complementing the beauty of the stalagmites in the other three halls of Yaolin Wonderland and adding a touch of mythology.

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