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Changxing Economic Development Zone

Updated : 2016-08-19

Charming County: Changxing

Among the "Top 100 counties of strong economic power in China"

Among the "Top 100 competitive counties in China"

National hygienic county

Science and technology innovation

Pioneer county of integrated municipal administration

The well-to-do county in Zhejiang province

The county providing better education in Zhejiang province

Provincial-level civilized city

Provincial garden-like city

Transportation Network:

With one national sea-route (Changhushen sea-route), two national highways (No 318 and No 104 highways), two highways (Hangning and Shensuzhewan highways), and three railways (Xuanhang, Xinchang and Changniu railways), the area accesses a network of convenient water and land transportation.

Geographical Position:

With Changxing as the center, the round spaces with a 200 kilometer radius covers over 50 large-sized and medium-sized cities, such as Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Ningbo, Suzhou, Wuxi and Wuhu. Changxing is also situated in the center of the Yangtze Delta.

Infrastructure Facilities:

Nine types of infrastructure facilities are equipped in the Zone, namely road, water, electricity, steam, gas, drainage, pollution discharge, multimedia and construction base.


The width of the main and secondary thoroughfares is 52 meter and 36 meters respectively, both meeting the specification of first-class urban thoroughfare.

Water and Electricity:

Changxing owns two 110KV transforming substations (another 220KV transforming substation is under construction) and waterworks with a daily 60 thousand tons output capacity (the planned capacity is 180 thousand tons).


The steam project has a supply capacity of 100 T/hour with the pressure over 10kilograms and the temperature over 200ºC.


8600 Kilocalorie natural gas is available, satisfying the project specification of "the natural gas transfer from the west China to east China". And the natural gas supply can be slightly tailored to meet different requirements of  enterprises.

Pollution Discharge:

Two pollution discharge factories with a daily disposal capacity of 60 thousand tons (the planned capacity is 120 thousand tons) have been erected in the zone.


Multimedia communication facilities, such as Wide Band, CATV, have been equipped to lay a high-grade platform for modern communication system.

Matching Facilities:

Living Facilities: Luxurious villas, garden-style residences with refreshing environment, high-grade hotels, shopping centers, hospitals are erected in the zone.

Logistic Center: The annual transportation amount by railway, highway and waterway in Changxing logistic gathering center is five million tons, 9.52 million tons and 43 million tons, respectively.

Financial Environment: Construction Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, Commercial Bank, credit corroborative, web bank and mobile bank guarantee an efficient, convenient and modern financial business for investors.

Vocational Education: The Zone has one national key vocational education center, four medium vocational schools, and one adult university with 16 majors such as electronics, mechanism, garment design and chemical industry. Meanwhile, different training programs can be offered to meet the specific requirements from different enterprises.

Certificate Issuing: Service Center offers taxation services, and industrial and commercial services for enterprises investing in China.

Introduction to enterprises:

Hisense air conditioner: Hisense (Zhejiang) Air Conditioner Co. Ltd is the strategy topology base of Hisense Group in "Changjiang River Delta Area", with an annual production capacity of two million frequency-changing air conditioners, and with annual sales of five billion yuan.

Noblelift equipment: Zhejiang Noblelift Equipment Co., Ltd is the chief in the domestic storage handling equipment manufacturing industry, and also the largest manufacture, research, develop and export base for storage handling equipment in Asia. The annual output of light mini-typed handling equipment has been ranked top for four consecutive years in China, and for two years in the global scale. The enterprise has passed the ISO9001, ISO4001, CE and GS certificates. At present the enterprise has scores of series products.

Changsheng Group:

Changxing Changsheng Group Co. Ltd is a private cooperation, presenting an integration of research, development, manufacture and sales. The group has six totally owned subsidiaries, three holding companies, of which two are cooperated with American and Italian businessmen. The group has passed the ISO9001, 14001, 3C and UL certificates, has 41 patents, and mainly engages in the deep process of glass, energy-saving lamp, special glass and biological engineering. All the products are in the leading position in the same area. The Norvantoch special glass project of Changsheng, cooperated with Italian foreign investments, has made a great breakthrough in China.

Zhejiang Changtong:

Zhejiang Changtong Electrical Vehicle Co., Ltd is a comprehensive enterprise that integrates scientific research, manufacturing with sale of electrical vehicles. The company has passed the ISO9001, 14001, UL and CE certificates, and has grown into an enterprise of the most complete manufacturing equipment, the most powerful self-production capacity, and the largest productive scale. The product is well sold over 30 countries and districts such as Europe, America, Japan and South Asia .


Zhejiang Kingsafe New Textile Group Co., Ltd. is a private scientific enterprise that mainly engages in the non-woven cloth and the top-grade fusible interlining for garments, with 5 percent and 15 percent domestic market share, respectively. Its top-grade fusible interlining for garment has been ranked top for nine consecutive years in China in the same area, and the non-woven cloth has been in the leading position for three years. The company is among the new hi-tech enterprises in "State Torch Program Projects".

Top Mondia:

As an enterprise solely invested by French, Zhejiang Top Mondial Garment Co., Ltd. engages in the production of various jeans and knitwear. The company has invested nine million Euro so far, and is able to produce over six million garments annually. The product is well sold over 20 countries and districts, such as Middle East, South America, West Europe, bringing 30 million foreign currencies annually via export.  

Ju'nen Balance Drink:

Zhejiang Ju'nen Oriental Drinks Co., Ltd. is invested and established by Ju'nen Industry Co., Ltd., with totally 300 million yuan of investments. The company engages in the production of balance functional drinks, and the products are the designated special drinks for national diving team. Recently a main generator hall has been erected with an annual productive capacity of 200 thousand tons, and an imported assembly line has been equipped to produce annually 50 thousand tons of balance drinks. 

Various industries - Four key industries:

New pattern weaving, machine-building and electronic industry, IT industry and biopharmacy industry are the leading industries in Changxing.

New pattern weaving: As an important national production base for linings and non weaving cloth, Changxing is equipped with 70 thousand weaving machines to produce two billion meters of various fabrics annually, bringing 16 billion yuan annual sales.

Machine-building and electronic industry: This is a newly-born industry being specially supported. The main product of electromechanical industry in Changxing includes pallet truck, stacker, fork truck, air conditioner and electric motor car.

IT industry: There are over 40 enterprises engaging in IT domain, with nearly 6000 job holders. The main product includes hardware and software of computer and supporting product, micro-electronics and electronics components and parts, photoelectron components and parts and communication equipment. 

Biopharmacy industry: The hi-tech enterprises and key agricultural enterprises of Zhejiang province have established in Changxing, with yolk immunoglobulin, barley leaf powder, tea polyphenols cordyceps cephalosporin mycelia powder, Ningxinbao capsule, Yiling capsule, Zhiling capsule as the main products, each one of which is in the leading position in China in the same area.