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Zhejiang people around the world

(ezhejiang.gov.cn) Updated : 2016-08-22

With about 20.2 billion Zhejiang descendants residing in 180 countries and regions throughout the world, as well as 1.1 million who have returned from overseas, the province is widely known as the “hometown for overseas Chinese.” Additionally, 89,600 Zhejiang students are currently studying overseas, with another 56,700 students having returned to Zhejiang.

Since the reform and opening up, many overseas Chinese donated to Zhejiang 4.5 billion yuan($678.4 billion), and establish 21,100 overseas Chinese enterprises in Zhejiang.



Zhejiang spares no efforts in promoting the welfare of Chinese citizens overseas. It has established 31 liaison offices to promote communication and cooperation in economics, tourism, science and technology between Zhejiang and local residents living abroad. The year 2014 saw the 18th event celebrating the overseas achievements of people from the province, with more than 300 representatives from over 80 countries and regions attending the event.

The Zhejiang Overseas Chinese Media Association was established with the provincial government’s support in 2014. Over 1,000 offspring of overseas Chinese have taken part in various summer camp programs organized by the local government. Several projects and initiatives have been aimed at improving the quality of life for Zhejiang people returning from abroad. 

It is hoped that the strong links the province maintains with its expatriates will benefit the area as highly talented individuals return home, bringing their skills and experience with them.