Hangzhou in the eyes of foreigners

(ezhejiang.gov.cn) Updated : 2016-09-05

Richard Whiddington, from the United Kingdom

Having lived and travelled in China intermittently for a few years, Hangzhou is possibly the one place I feel most guilty about not having visited. My dad travelled through the city in the early 1980s and I grew up looking at photographs of the city on the walls of our home. While I’m intrigued by the city’s famed sites such as West Lake and the surrounding water towns, I’m equally as curious about the chance to immerse myself the renowned local arts scene. As a football fanatic, I’ll definitely try to coordinate my trip with a Hangzhou Greentown F.C. game- though I’m a little sad that Tim Cahill, a personal hero, has already left the club!


A sunny morning in the park. [Photo by Du Zhenglin]

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