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Overview of WIC

(wuzhenwic.org) Updated : 2016-11-14


The WIC is held in the town of Wuzhen, Zhejiang province, annually by the Cyberspace Administration of China and Zhejiang Provincial People's government, which had its first showing, Nov 19 - 21, 2014, when it attracted prominent Internet figures from nearly 100 countries. That was China's first Internet conference of this kind and on this scale and an unparalleled event globally.

The Internet is causing a revolution that will reform and influence human development and while it creates economic growth and more convenient lifestyles. It also poses unprecedented challenges, such as unequal development, cyber insecurity, uneven distribution of key resources, and new risks from new technology.

The WIC logo combines dignified but modern elements, using the Chinese character "互", for 'Internet', to back the "Internet" theme. The circles that form the Chinese character "互" are in different colors, referring to the information network on the Internet and suggesting the intricacy of information in cyberspace.