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Lishui and Quzhou give cultural performances for villagers

(ezhejiang.gov.cn) Updated : 2017-01-10


A dance team from Zhongjin village of Lishui performs a show at the celebration jointly held by Lishui and Quzhou on Jan 5. [Photo by Zhou Xiaoyin]

A visiting cultural performance, part of Zhejiang province's Spring Festival celebrations, took place in Longquan city (a county-level city in Lishui) on Jan 5 to welcome the approaching festival and to bring culture to villagers.

Performers from the cities of Lishui and Quzhou staged performances with characteristics of their local cultures. Traditional songs, dances and operas were staged, as well as some modern shows like band performances, making the whole show a combination of tradition and modernity.

In the form of a "battle", both cities exerted themselves to the utmost. Performer Tao Feiguang, from Quzhou, performed a face changing show for the Lishui citizens. Villagers from Zhongjin village in Longquan performed a self-directed song and dance show. Classic dance performances from She people, a Chinese ethnic group mainly in Jingning of Lishui, gave rise to a warm applause from the audience.

变脸 周晓寅.jpg

Tao Feiguang from Quzhou performs the famed face changing on stage. [Photo/zjol.com.cn]

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