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Zhejiang folk performances wow crowds in Jiashan, Jiaxing

(ezhejiang.gov.cn) Updated : 2017-01-11

舞龙舞狮 陆伟.jpg

A dragon and lion dance starts the cultural performances jointly presented by Jiaxing and Huzhou on Jan 8. [Photo by Lu Wei]

The folk culture tour of Zhejiang province for the approaching Spring Festival holiday came to Jiashan county in the city of Jiaxing on Jan 8, with an exciting display of folk performances and distinctive local culture.

Performers from Jiaxing and nearby Huzhou staged a variety of different folk arts, including songs, dances, operas, martial arts performances and acrobatics, catering to audiences of different ages.

The show began with a distinctive dragon and lion dance from Huzhou, generating an enthusiastic atmosphere. Another crowds' favorite was a traditional Huzhou song and dance performance dramatizing pressing oil after the harvest.

However, the most popular performance of all was given by local acrobat Li Yun, who amazed the crowd with his feat of balancing ten wooden benches on his face.

Li moved to Jiashan from his home province of Henan 14 years ago to look for work, and is now totally integrated into the social environment in Zhejiang.

Li runs an art troupe in the county and highly praised the construction of auditoriums around the province as they provide platforms for cultural activities. His troupe often performs for senior citizens at nursing homes, showing care and warmth for those in need.

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