Zhejiang policemen sent as UN peacekeepers to South Sudan

(ezhejiang.gov.cn) Updated : 2017-02-23


Seven Zhejiang policemen take an oath at the farewell ceremony in Hangzhou on Feb 21. [Photo/China-blue News]

Seven policemen from Zhejiang will be dispatched to South Sudan on a UN peacekeeping mission. A farewell ceremony was held in Hangzhou on Feb 21.

The policemen, from Jiaxing, Wenzhou, Taizhou, Hangzhou, Haining and Ningbo, went through a series of strict elections to be selected for the mission. Over the next 12 months, they will devote themselves to protecting refugees, bettering the social order and providing humanitarian relief for local the South Sudanese population.

Declaring its independence in 2011, South Sudan is the youngest country in the world, with high temperatures throughout the year and a severe living environment. Civil wars, malaria and cholera epidemics and a lack of food and water have made peacekeeping operations and humanitarian relief a necessity.

The oldest man on the team, 42-year-old Wu Xiaobing from Wenzhou, has been chosen for the second time to be dispatched as a peacekeeper. "Working with policemen from other countries in a foreign land is quite a special experience,"Wu said. His former peacekeeping experience in Libya left a large impression on him, as local people showed great respect and gratitude for him and his team. He said he will do his best to help those in extreme poverty in South Sudan, and to promote a good image of Chinese policemen.

Wei Yiyi, leader of the peacekeeping team, is an excellent sodier in martial arts which has won him several awards in provincial and national competitions. His primary goal is to bring all his team members back home, safe and healthy.

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