Zhejiang to simplify 80% administrative approvals in 2017

(ezhejiang.gov.cn) Updated : 2017-02-28

Zhejiang province has set a goal to streamline its administrative approval procedures by simplifying 80 percent of these procedures by the end of 2017.

The province in East China is making efforts to cut unnecessary steps in administrative approval process to improve government efficiency and better serve the resident population. Everyone seeking approvals for their businesses or other public affairs will only need to visit a government office once, according to the government's expectation.

When conducting reforms inside governmental agencies, Zhejiang urges cadres and key departments to take a leading role. The cutting of time-wasting administrative procedures should be met with cooperation among all departments.

The process of simplifying administrative approvals will span the whole year. Lists of procedures to be simplified will be released by provincial and municipal government departments. A standardizing scheme for the simplification process is expected to be put into effect by the end of June.


People are able to visit governmental agencies only once for business approvals or public affairs after Zhejiang government succeeds in boosting the internal reform. [Photo/Yuhang Fabu WeChat]