Comic works by Zhejiang artists debut in Tokyo, Japan

(ezhejiang.gov.cn) Updated : 2017-04-12


Shi Yongjing, director of the China Cultural Center in Tokyo, Japan, addresses the opening ceremony of an exhibition of comic works by Zhejiang artists on April 7. [Photo/zjol.com.cn]

An exhibition of 62 comic works by 43 Zhejiang artists was unveiled at the China Cultural Center inTokyo, Japan on April 7, marking the beginning of the Zhejiang Culture Year in Japan.

Organized by the provincial culture department, the exhibition is a reflection of Zhejiang artists' deep observation of life and society today. Artists from both China and Japan attended the opening ceremony, together creating a piece of artwork to present at the ceremony.

Japanese comics have a long history and enjoy a worldwide reputation, while Zhejiang's comics are outstanding in China. The province looks forward to promoting cultural exchanges and strengthening the cultural ties between Zhejiang and Japan on the basis of the exhibition.

The next few months will see a series of activities featuring Zhejiang culture take place in Japan, including exhibitions of woodblock prints, celadon and tea. Performances, lectures and mutual visits will be organized as well, showcasing the all-around charm of Zhejiang to Japan.

Shi Yongjing, director of Tokyo's China Cultural Center, spoke highly of the cultural exhibition, saying the activities expected to take place during the year will help Japanese people gain a comprehensive understanding of Zhejiang province.

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