Longquan celadon exhibition opens in Tokyo

(ezhejiang.gov.cn) Updated : 2017-06-02


A craftsman from Zhejiang demonstrates the process of making a work of Longquan celadon for visitors at the exhibition in Tokyo, Japan, on May 30. [Photo/lqjcrc WeChat]

An exhibition of Longquan celadon, a famous style of green-glazed porcelain made in Longquan and neighboring counties in Zhejiang province, kicked off in Tokyo on May 30. The event is part of the Zhejiang Culture Year currently taking place in Japan.

Running till June 9, the exhibition of nearly 100 works of porcelain presents the full history of Longquan celadon as it has developed during the past 3,600 years.

The collection also includes traditional machines, raw materials and tools to give visitors an all-round understanding of the art form. About 20 old photos will also tell the stories of Longquan celadon at different times.

Visitors will also be able to watch a traditional tea ceremony performed using celadon tea sets, intended to demonstrate the close connection between the art and people's daily lives.

Jin Rongyi, a renowned Longquan celadon craftsman, gave a lecture at the exhibition's opening ceremony on Tuesday, citing legends and displaying tools to give a vivid introduction to the art form's history and development.

Porcelain masters from China and Japan have often been inspired by each other throughout the centuries. The exhibition, organized by Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tokyo's China Culture Center, represents a good platform for cultural exchange and mutual promotion.

The next few months will see a series of activities featuring Zhejiang culture take place in Japan as the Zhejiang Culture Year in Japan is in full swing. Exhibitions, performances, lectures and exchanges will be organized, aiming to showcase the charm of Zhejiang to Japan and attract more Japanese people to experience the folk culture of the province in East China.

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