Zhejiang sets up new AI research lab

(ezhejiang.gov.cn) Updated : 2017-09-08


Zhejiang Lab, located in Hangzhou's Artificial Intelligence Town, opened on Sept 6. [Photo/Zhejiang Fabu WeChat]

Zhejiang Lab, a research institute jointly invested in by Zhejiang provincial government, Zhejiang University and tech giant Alibaba Group, was inaugurated on Sept 6 in Hangzhou's Artificial Intelligence Town.

The lab will focus on research into five major fields related to big data and cloud computing, namely network computing, artificial intelligence, information security, barrier-free perception, and smart manufacturing and robotics.

The lab is designed to become a world-class innovation base that helps Zhejiang become a global center for research in these emerging fields.

Lu Yongxiang, former vice-chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, will serve as the first director of the advisory committee for Zhejiang Lab.

"Zhejiang is China's first demonstration area for the information economy, and establishing the lab can further promote its international influence in the sector of network information," said Lu.

He added that he believed Zhejiang Lab would one day be named a national lab by China's central government.

Zhejiang Party Secretary Che Jun made a few remarks about his expectations for the lab during the inauguration ceremony.

He said that the lab should strive to combine effective working practices, high-end professionals, advanced devices and leading concepts to become a globally-known innovation base.

The achievements made by the lab will strongly promote a new wave of development in Zhejiang and contribute to China's scientific and technological development, according to Che.

Zhejiang provincial government will provide 5 billion yuan ($775.34 million) of funding to Zhejiang Lab to support the construction of its facilities, talent recruitment and day-to-day operational costs.

It also will actively help Zhejiang Lab attract private enterprises and other social capital to make contributions to its research and the commercialization of its findings.


Zhejiang Party Secretary Chen Jun (L) and Lu Yongxiang (R), director of the advisory committee for Zhejiang Lab, unveil the official name plaque for Zhejiang Lab at a ceremony in Hangzhou on Sept 6. [Photo/Zhejiang Fabu WeChat]