Tengtou village in Ningbo benefits from green development

(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated : 2017-10-17


A group of students visits Tengtou village in Ningbo on Aug 17. [Photo by Huang Zongzhi/Xinhua]

Tengtou village in Ningbo's Fenghua district is seeing economic growth from recent green development, Zhejiang Online reported.

Tengtou established an environmental protection committee in 1993 which rejected over 50 projects seen as likely to cause pollution. Holding to the concept that lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets, Tengtou has developed an ecology-friendly path to economic growth.

Set among beautiful countryside, the village promotes tourist activities such as agricultural sightseeing, and fruit and vegetable picking, enchanting city dwellers. In 2016, Tengtou received 1.275 million tourists and income from tourism reached 137.9 million yuan ($20.87 million). Along with agriculture, the tourism industry helped the village shake off poverty and become one of the richest in Zhejiang province.

Fu Pingjun, Party secretary of Tengtou village, said developers will hold fast to the "ecology first" concept and further establish the village as a scenic area with green trees and clear waterways.

In the future, Tengtou will seek new green development modes, especially in the cyclic economy and solar energy, according to Fu.


Villagers rest at a covered corridor in Tengtou on Aug 17. [Photo by Huang Zongzhi/Xinhua]


An aerial view of Tengtou village in Ningbo's Fenghua district. [Photo by Zhang Cheng/Xinhua]