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Zhejiang delegation admires China's five years of progress

(ezhejiang.gov.cn) Updated : 2017-10-20


Zhejiang delegates to the 19th CPC National Congress visit the Five Years of Sheer Endeavor exhibition on Oct 19. [Photo by Liang Zhen/zjol.com.cn]

Members of the Zhejiang delegation to the 19th CPC National Congress visited an exhibition covering the past five years of China's achievements at the Beijing Exhibition Hall on Oct 19.

The exhibition, Five Years of Sheer Endeavor, features 10 curated sections and one special experience area. Assorted models, videos and pictures present vivid displays of China's five years of progress to visitors.

Zhejiang province's contributions to the exhibition made delegates very proud, especially in the area titled "Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets". The phrase, which was proposed by President Xi Jinping in Zhejiang, has as a slogan led to progress in building a great and beautiful country.

Lan Jingfen, Party secretary of Daji town in Jingning county, spoke about the changes brought about in Daji. She said the town has made a fortune from natural resources in recent years and people now live a better life. "Stick to the path and the future will be brighter," is Lan's belief.

Delegates to the exhibition slowed down their pace when watching displays showing Zhejiang people and presentations on Zhejiang elements such as Sunyang, Tu Youyou, the G20 Hangzhou Summit and the World Internet Conference.

Zhang Aimin, Party secretary of Cuiyuan No 1 Community in Hangzhou, said the G20 Summit showcased Zhejiang's charm to the world. Zhang believes that, under the guidance of the congress, a new era of successful Chinese socialism will be achieved.