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Xi's report to CPC congress arouses desire to improve wellbeing

(ezhejiang.gov.cn) Updated : 2017-10-23

General Secretary Xi Jinping's report to the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China has inspired the people of Zhejiang province to think about future directions to improve people's livelihood in the context of their work and life experiences.

In his report Xi said that to ensure and improve people's wellbeing, the Party must focus on the most pressing, most immediate issues that concern the people. These words inspired Party members to do more to improve the lives and address the concerns of the people.

Wang Jianhou, director of Zhejiang's Department of Civil Affairs, said he was deeply impressed with people's aspirations to live better lives during his field trips to grassroots organizations. Wang said that the next step for civil affairs agencies is to improve the public service system, ensure people's basic quality of life, and keep up with people's ever-growing needs for a better life, and looking forward to seeing that the people will always have a strong sense of fulfilment, happiness and security.

Zhuo Yongyue, chairman of Zhejiang Lvkang Medical Care and Senior Services Investment Management Co. Ltd, appreciated the Party's focus on integrated elderly care and medical services. He said caring for senior citizens was a key to improving people's wellbeing.

"Meeting villagers' aspirations for better lives is our goal," said Yang Qiming, Party secretary of Shangxiawen village in Zhuji, after studying Xi's report. In recent years, the village has developed many ways, such as planting blueberries, to increase people's incomes. It also set up a development fund in 2013 which spends 15 percent of collective incomes on old-age and education programs every year.

"Sense of fulfilment" and "common prosperity" are two phrases that touch people in Taoyuan village, Yaozhuang town in Jiashan county. There, life is as convenient as it is in cities due to the well-equipped living environment. The village will look ahead to continue to meet people's needs according to Xi's report.

Tao Jing, Party secretary of the Zhejiang branch of the Red Cross Society of China, said he and his colleagues will deepen reform of the Red Cross Society and strengthen its capacities in social assistance in accordance with Xi's report.


The justice department of Wuyi county organizes volunteers to provide services for senior citizens in villages. [Photo by Zhang Jiancheng]