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Chen Xia'na: We should promote green life and build a beautiful China

(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated : 2017-10-24


Chen Xia'na, a Line 36 bus driver of the Ningbo Public Transportation Corp, poses in front of the Great Hall of the People in Beijing during the 19th CPC National Congress. [Photo by Liang Zhen/zjol.com.cn]

Chen Xia'na, a delegate to the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) from Ningbo, shared her thoughts on Beautiful China initiative in accordance with her work experience.

Chen has devoted 21 years of her life to the profession of bus driving. She is quite familiar with Ningbo's changes over the past years. "The water has become clean, sky has turned blue again and the air is much fresher now with more lawns sodded in the city," Chen said.

She cited relevant contents in the report of the congress, which are "The modernization that we pursue is only characterized by harmonious coexistence between man and nature. In addition to creating more material and cultural wealth to meet people's ever-increasing needs for a better life, we also need to provide more quality ecological goods to meet people's ever-growing demands for a beautiful environment."

Chen has been promoting a green and low-carbon lifestyle for many years. "It's a big deal that concerns our offspring's benefits and every individual can contribute in daily lives, for example by taking public transport," Chen suggested.

In context of her work experience, Chen said the public transport sector is striving for green development. Now, the new energy public buses in Ningbo account for 20 percent of the total.

"More new energy vehicles mean less exhaust, which is beneficial to the development of beautiful China," said Chen.