Updated : 2017-11-23


Railway Station:

Lishui Railway Station

Long-Distance Bus Stations:

Lishui East Coach Station, Lishui West Coach Station and Lishui Railway Station Coach Station

Public bus:

If you want to travel around Lishui city, it is recommended to travel by bus. There are 48 bus lines in Lishui, with stops covering most streets in the city.



Zhoushan Mount Putuo Airport. Flights are available to Beijing, Shanghai, Xiamen, Jinjiang, Xiamen, Wuyishan and Guangzhou, and there is also a facility for private charter planes flying to Hongkong and short airline within Mount Putuo area.

Long-Distance Bus Stations: 

New Putuo Long-distance Passenger Transport Center and Dinghai Passenger Transport Center

Public bus: There are scheduled rush hour buses and special tourist line buses on major islands, such as Putuo Mountain, Daishan Mountain, Shengsi Island and Peach Blossom Island. Apart from No. 13 and No.57 buses that charge CNY2 as fare, other buses charge CNY3.

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