Scenery, poetry and music blend in Xitang

(ezhejiang.gov,.cn) Updated : 2017-11-27


A local band performs at the town of Xitang in Jiashan county, Zhejiang province on Nov 23. [Photo by Jiang Liangliang]

A special concert featuring performances of poems and songs was staged at the old town of Xitang in Jiashan county, Zhejiang province on Nov 23, receiving the attendance of people from more than 30 domestic media organizations.

The poems and songs at the concert were collected from the public, showing composers' emotions to the traditional water town in Jiangnan, regions south of the Yangtze River.

A singer from Tuta Band said two years ago, he came to Xitang where he met his wife and started his family. "Xitang gave me love and life, as well as inspiration for music," he said.

Xitang, considered as the cradle of Wuyue Culture, has often been praised as a romantic town for its numerous old bridges, quaint lanes and roofed corridors. It was newly elected as a national 5A-level tourist attraction, according to a list released by the China National Tourism Administration this February.

More than just a place with natural beauty, Xitang took a historically significant role in the production of handicrafts and commerce. Today, visitors enjoy sipping green tea by the riverside and exploring the hidden stories behind old architectures. Xitang serves both as a base for experts to study folk culture and a relaxing escape for tourists.

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