Qian Yanzhen promotes construction of 'sponge cities'

(ezhejiang.gov.cn) Updated : 2018-01-25

Qian Yanzhen, vice director of Ningbo's meteorological observatory and a deputy to the Zhejiang People's Congress, focused on rainwater and the construction of "sponge cities" at this year's session.

With vast knowledge and experience in the field of meteorology, Qian has been paying close attention to environmental protection and urban construction in recent years. Her proposals, specifically those on curbing air pollution, have been highly valued by the provincial government.

"This year, I will focus on how to properly deal with rainwater," said Qian. She believes they urgently need to figure out how to better utilize rainwater in order to improve city flood management and keep cities developing healthily and safely.

The entire province has been working to build "sponge cities" over the last few years, aiming to turn urban areas into "sponges" to absorb and recycle rainwater. However, after a few field trips, Qian learned that the current system for managing rainwater is far from enough.

Qian talked with some experts in different fields and drafted a proposal promoting the construction of "sponge cities" across Zhejiang. "We need strict standards for the construction, maintenance and evaluation of 'sponge cities'," said the deputy.


Qian Yanzhen, deputy to the Zhejiang People's Congress, proposes improving "sponge cities" at this year's session. [Photo/zjol.com.cn]