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Deputies propose removing evaluation limits for workers

(ezhejiang.gov.cn) Updated : 2018-01-31


The Quzhou delegation to this year's session of the Zhejiang Provincial People's Congress has a panel discussion on Jan 28. [Photo/zjol.com.cn]

On Jan 28, deputies from Quzhou had a lively discussion on the development of real economy and exchanged views on the cultivation of skills and workmanship.

Xu Jianxiong, director of Hongwuhuan Group's innovation department, expressed his approval of the provincial government's focus on real economy and the transformation and improvement of traditional industries. Xu said that to achieve its goals, Zhejiang needs a group of high-caliber skilled professionals.

"A system is needed to foster a spirit of workmanship in people," added Xu. After visiting a few local companies, Xu found that the promotion of skilled workers depends on years of experience and types of work. "We need policies and systems in place to evaluate and praise workers based on their performance," Xu concluded.

Due to an increase in training and study platforms, young people are now making quick progress. According to Xu, if the old evaluation system is not improved, it will remain difficult for young people to get promoted. He said that experience and seniority are important, but they shouldn't be the only criteria for judging a worker.

Xu's suggestion was supported by Xu Wei, general manager of Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt Co Ltd, who has a deep understanding of the need for more policies and an evaluation system.

"Implementing an evaluation system for frontline workers is quite necessary as it affects a company's productivity," the general manager said.