Zhejiang and Africa: Paradise of Africa

(China Zhejiang Radio & TV Group) Updated : 2018-09-10

As the first large-scale broadcast media cooperative project conducted after the exchange of visits between Chinese and Zimbabwean governments, the filming and production of "Zhejiang and Africa" series by China Zhejiang Radio & TV Group will have a considerable significance of reshaping Zimbabwe's tourism industry. 

Zimbabwe, which has abundant natural resources and a good foundation of industry and agriculture, is a landlocked country located in southeastern Africa. The name Zimbabwe, comes from the Shona language "zimba ramabwe", which means stone castle. Thus, Zimbabwe is the only country named after the archaeological sites in the world.

Boasting vast land and rich natural resources, Zimbabwe embraces a long history and profound cultures. There still remain in Zimbabwe a large number of ancient historic relics. Take the Great Zimbabwe Monuments as an example. Built by more than 900,000 pieces of granite without any binders, it is still surprisingly in good conditions and has been listed as a World Cultural Heritage by the United Nations.

Zimbabwe also has abundant tourist resources. Victoria Falls, streching along the borders with Zambia, is one of the three largest waterfalls in the world. Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe, has more than 150 kinds of exotic flowers and rare herbs, such as Jacaranda, flame flower and poinsettia and so on. Besides, there are also 26 national parks and wildlife reserves in Zimbabwe that have been attracting many visitors in recent years.