Zhejiang and Africa: Interview with Dr Kaseke

(China Zhejiang Radio & TV Group) Updated : 2018-09-10

China Zhejiang Radio & TV Group (ZRTG) had an interview with Karikoga Kaseke, the chief executive of Zimbabwe Tourism Authority.

Kaseke is looking forward to welcoming more visitors from China. In order to expand the Chinese market, Zimbabwe Tourism Authority is also actively preparing for an increasing number of Chinese visitors.

"We know the needs of the Chinese market, we know what Chinese visitors are looking for. Our hotels and restaurants are all getting ready for the arrival of Chinese tourists."

Kaseke is confident in the country's tourism industry, "We need to actively expand the Chinese market. We are concentrating on how to increase the tourists from China. I believe that the future of the Zimbabwe's tourism industry will become better and better."

As the first large-scale broadcast media cooperative project conducted after the exchange of visits between Chinese and Zimbabwean governments, the filming and production of "Zhejiang and Africa" series by ZRTG will have a considerable significance of reshaping Zimbabwe's tourism industry.