Xi's letter to fifth World Internet Conference applauded

(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated : 2018-11-08

President Xi Jinping's congratulatory letter to the fifth World Internet Conference, which opened in Wuzhen of eastern China's Zhejiang province on Wednesday morning, has been praised by global experts and guests.


Kevin Collins, managing director of Accenture:

From the letter it is clear the entire country is behind this push for internet development, and it is very nice to see one official after another get up and say effectively the same thing that brings everyone together, that puts together a construct across the world that works for the benefit of all. It is really amazing to see the similarity of the message across everyone that we saw today. It is amazing for me to be able to come here and see all what’s going on, especially considering how fast and how dynamically China is changing.


Muhammad Shehu, strategy analyst at Central Bank of Nigeria:

The congratulatory letter was really enlightening. We are living in a world where there's an outreach for internet right now and a need for mutual collection of data around the world. So we need to come together collectively and ensure we are proactive in getting into the world of fast-moving internet. We should come together and form a guideline for ourselves and have a mutual interest whereby we all drive at the same pace.