Simplicity in procedures key to success

By Yuan Shenggao (China Daily) Updated : 2019-06-06

Ningbo Customs has implemented a series of measures to simplify customs procedures in recent years, paving the way for economic and trade development between China and Central and Eastern European countries.

One such measure has been going paperless, which has saved both time and money, according to Ningbo Customs.

"We are exploring the market in Central and Eastern Europe, so it is very important for us to fulfill orders on time," said a manager surnamed Yang from Anhui Sentai WPC Rosenthal Group.

"Online customs procedures enable us to enjoy the convenience of customs clearance at anytime and anywhere." 

According to Ningbo Customs, more than 95 percent of its customs procedures, such as declaration and clearance, are processed online, instead of using paper. It means that these processes have been reduced to mere minutes and seconds. 

The efficient customs procedures have helped increase growth in imports and exports, and have created a new competitive advantage for Ningbo Port, Ningbo Customs said.

Goods declaration in advance of arrival at the port is another measure launched by Ningbo Customs. 

Under such a measure, traders, with the name, specifications and quantity of the goods on board, are able to go through customs declaration at sea, before arrival at the port or within three days before the export goods arrive at the places under customs supervision. 

This effectively reduces the time it takes to dock a cargo ship and saves a lot in costs too, the official said.

"Waiting time is reduced and the supervision work is also moved forward, which is conducive to preventing any risks," said Wu Zefeng, an official at Ningbo Customs.

"We work with relevant enterprises in advance, provide customs clearance guidance and policy explanations, and provide high-quality customs services for importing goods from Central and Eastern Europe," Wu said. 

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