Chinese dance drama show arrives in Sweden

(ehangzhou.gov.cn) Updated : 2019-08-27


Artists perform on stage during the Chinese dance drama show To Meet the Grand Canal in Stockholm, capital of Sweden on Aug 23. [Photo/Xinhua] 

To Meet the Grand Canal, a Chinese dance drama show presented by the Hangzhou Opera and Dance Theatre, was staged in Stockholm, capital of Sweden, on Aug 23.

Aiming to showcase the charm of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal as a world heritage and promote Chinese culture, the show was attended by 1,000 Chinese and overseas government officials and guests. 

"It's a stunning show which is more than a dance performance. I'm dying to visit China after watching the show," said a Swedish audience member.

Gui Congyou, Chinese ambassador to Sweden, said that the show not only presented China's long history to Sweden, but also demonstrated the potential of China's social and economic development to overseas audiences. 

The show, which took three years to develop, began its global tour in 2017. To date, the troupe has toured 160 shows across four continents and promoted the unique flavor of Hangzhou to the world.

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