Jinhua achieves remarkable results in administrative streamlining reform

(ezhejiang.gov.cn) Updated : 2020-01-10


An official at the administrative service center in Jinhua, Zhejiang province, updates people on the progress the center has made in streamlining administrative procedures. [Photo/zjnews.china.com]

Jinhua, Zhejiang province, held a news conference on Jan 9 to announce the progress it has made over the past year in strengthening the "At Most One Visit" reform, designed to streamline administrative procedures.

More than 50 reporters from over 40 local, provincial and central media outlets attended the meeting.

Jinhua has established a paperwork-free system that enables people to secure query and verification services without having to submit any proof documents.

Individuals and companies have to visit relative departments only once to handle their affairs related to birth registration, schooling, employment, marriage, medical care, elderly care, recruitment, business operation and other important matters.

People can also secure services by scanning their faces if they have forgotten to bring their ID cards with them.

The city has built an online platform for entrepreneurs to fulfill procedures related to starting a business without having to visit any department. It is the first platform of its kind in the province.

An online platform for intermediary agencies has also been launched and improved. Last year, 1,106 intermediary agencies provided services for companies on 10,118 kinds of matters, saving 126 million yuan ($18.18 million) for companies.

The city has released a series of regulations on the Yiwu International Trade Comprehensive Reform Pilot Zone to optimize the pilot zone's administration, boost industrial transformation, coordinate regional development, and improve the business environment.

It has also collected more than 8,700 pieces of feedback from the public to promote its reform.