Zhejiang to promote health QR code system

(ezhejiang.gov.cn) Updated : 2020-02-13

Zhejiang province plans to promote a unified health QR code system throughout the province to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus and facilitate travel, after its capital Hangzhou first launched the system on Feb 11 

The system is an innovative result of Hangzhou’s efforts to control the epidemic by using big data and mobile internet technologies. Residents and those entering the city need to apply online and receive either a green, red, or yellow code. The colors are based on health information reported by the applicants. 

Those who plan to enter Hangzhou need to obtain a green code, and only those with green codes may travel around the city. Those with red or yellow codes must first undergo seven to 14 days of quarantine. 

Provincial epidemic control authorities issued a notice on Feb 12 to promote the system, and said they will launch a unified management system and a series of supporting mechanisms related to the code, allowing cities to set their own rules according to their own circumstances. 

In addition to Hangzhou, several districts and counties in Jinhua and Lishui have also begun making use of the code. 

The provincial big data administration is also moving to establish a health QR code sharing platform throughout the province, allowing for interregional identification of people's codes.