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Zhejiang launches special fund for overseas Chinese

Updated : 2020-03-30


A worker loads boxes of medical supplies that Zhejiang province has prepared to donate to Italy to help overseas Chinese living in the country. [Photo/zj.zjol.com] 

Zhejiang province recently launched a special fund dedicated to helping overseas Zhejiang natives overcome difficulties caused by the COVID-19 epidemic. 

Under the auspices of the provincial federation of industry and commerce, provincial Red Cross organization, and provincial charity federation, 10 million yuan ($1.41 million) has been raised to help overseas Zhejiang natives in 10 countries - Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Britain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, Austria, and the United States. 

The province has taken many measures to help its people living overseas since the outbreak began. 

In addition to donating medical supplies such as face masks and protective suits, the province has sent medical experts to Milan, Italy to share prevention and treatment methods. 

It has opened 109 hotlines for overseas Zhejiang natives since March 5 and had received nearly 90,000 calls as of March 26. 

The province has also established an online consultation platform to give professional counseling on epidemic prevention. 

For those who decide to return home, the province has established an application platform to collect their information before their arrival, arranged for personnel to pick them up at the airport and check their health conditions, and has even opened temporary flights to help them get back.