Sim Yeon-Ok

(silkroadweek.com) Updated : 2020-06-24


Sim Yeon-Ok received her BA in Korean Textile History at Kookmin University and completed her PhD in Chinese Textile Technology at East China University (formerly the China Textile University) in Shanghai. She was a member of the Cultural Heritage Committee of Korea (2011–2015) and is a visiting researcher at the Chinese Centre for Textile Identification and Conservation at the China National Silk Museum in Hangzhou (2000–present). A specialist in Asian textile history, she is currently a professor at Korea National University of Cultural Heritage and the director of the Institute of Traditional Textile Restoration. Her publications include History of Chinese Textiles (1998), Five Thousand Years of Korean Textiles (2002), Two Thousand Years of Korean Textile Design (2006), and Korean Traditional Braid and Knot (2006). Hansan Region Ramie Weaving(2019), Geumbak : Korean Traditional Gold Leaf Imprinting(2021), Korean Embroidery(2020). She has also written over thirty articles on the history of Korean textiles and its techniques.