All buses powered by electricity in Huzhou

(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated : 2020-09-15

All buses running on roads in Huzhou, East China's Zhejiang province are now completely powered by electricity and support mobile payment systems, according to local media reports.

In addition, an electronic screen to be installed at each stop will enable passengers know where the buses are and when they will arrive.

Onboard passengers even have access to wifi services, according to a local resident named Li Jinlan.

The electric buses are estimated to reduce carbon emissions in the city by 60,000 metric tons per year, revealed an official at the Huzhou municipal highway and transportation management center.

The bus operator can save up to 20 yuan ($2.89) to 30 yuan on fuel per 100 kilometers, or 20 million yuan to 30 million yuan per year, after replacing fuel with electricity, he said.

The city has also launched a fixed-fare system, meaning the fare is no longer decided by distance, which has significantly slashed public transportation costs for the public. For instance, commuting between Nanxun district and Huzhou High-speed Railway Station previously costed 16 yuan, but now only costs 2 yuan. 

Meanwhile, Huzhou has also made efforts to restructure its bus network by opening new bus lines and optimizing old ones.

Next, the city plans to construct a smart bus management system so as to further enhance the travel experience for local residents taking public transportation.