Quzhou Experimental School

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated :2018-11-26

Quzhou Experimental School is the city’s only nine-year system public school. As the demonstration school of Zhejiang’s compulsory education, the school has a high reputation in Quzhou.

The school has a long history dating back to 1916. It has two campuses, Linghu campus and Xinhu campus. Linghu campus is located in the city center. Being close to the Confucius temple, the campus has profound culture and a scenic environment, covering a total area of 49,184 square meters. Xinhu campus is near the municipal Party committee and government, next to the Luming Mountain Park. The campus has modern buildings and facilities, covering 53,026 square meters. The two campuses have 132 classes, 6,334 students and 378 teachers in total. 65 percent of the teachers have medium and senior professional titles, 80 of which have been awarded honorary titles including national model teachers, national prominent teachers, provincial prominent teachers and municipal academic leaders.

In the past ten years, the school has won more than 80 titles such as "National Education System Advanced Group", "National Modern Educational Technology Experimental School of Primary and Middle Schools", "National Standardized Demonstration School of Languages" and "Quzhou Elite School".

In 2018, the school will establish Quzhou Experimental School Education Group, which consists of four campuses, including Quzhou Experimental School (nine-year system, 72 classes), Quzhou Foreign Language School (primary school, 60 classes), Quzhou 3rd Experimental School (primary school, 36 classes) and Quzhou 4th Experimental School (junior high school, 48 classes). The schools will open in the fall of 2018.