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Foreign experts to work with Shaoxing companies

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: October 15, 2020 L M S

Five Shaoxing companies signed deals with five foreign experts from Japan, the UK, and Ukraine, agreeing to cooperate in intelligent manufacturing, at an online matchmaking event held in Shaoxing, East China's Zhejiang province, on Oct 13.

The matchmaking event attracted business delegates from more than 80 Shaoxing companies, as well as 19 high-caliber experts from the US, Germany, Japan, and Ukraine.

Foreign experts presented their intelligent manufacturing projects to Shaoxing companies attending the event via a video link.

Five Shaoxing companies signed deals with five foreign experts through an online channel during the event, and preliminary intentions of cooperation were reached on 26 technical projects.

Zhejiang SAXUM Semiconductor Technology Co Ltd signed a cooperation deal with Hayashi Tomoyuki, technical counselor at Mitsubishi, to co-develop high-purity aluminum, which is the primary component of a semiconductor.

According to Peng Bo, executive director of Zhejiang SAXUM Semiconductor Technology Co Ltd, this type of high-purity aluminum is mostly imported from other countries.

"After signing the deal, a foreign technical delegation will be sent to our company to help with the research and development," Peng added.

Shaoxing has so far established 69 provincial-level work stations for foreign experts and professionals, and has attracted a number of high-caliber skilled workers from overseas.

The city has established Zhejiang's first cluster zone for high-caliber foreign skilled workers in Keqiao district, attracting 15 academicians from Italy, Ukraine, and South Africa.

A total of 627 research projects being carried out in Shaoxing have been listed in national or provincial intelligence introduction programs, which are aimed at attracting high-end skilled workers from abroad.