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Shaoxing, Chengdu sign cooperation projects at conference

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: October 15, 2020 L M S


Representatives from the government of Shaoxing and Chengdu sign cooperation projects at a conference marking the conclusion of the Chengdu-Shaoxing Week, which ran from Oct 9 to 13 in Chengdu. [Photo/shaoxing.com.cn]

Shaoxing and Chengdu agreed to further strengthen cooperation by signing a number of projects at a conference on Oct 13, part of the Chengdu-Shaoxing Week.

The conference brought together more than 500 representatives from the government, universities, commerce chambers and companies in both Chengdu and Shaoxing to discuss partnerships between the two cities.

Local authorities thanked all who have shown support for the development of Shaoxing and the exchange between Shaoxing and Chengdu.

They noted that Chengdu is a significant economic hub in China with a long history. It is also a center of finance, culture and foreign exchange. Ma went on to praise the increasing close ties between the two cities in recent years.

The two cities signed 24 cooperation projects, which drew 29 billion yuan ($4.31 billion) in investment. The projects focused on digital technology, the training of skilled workers, and culture and tourism.

Chengdu-Shaoxing Week is an exhibition which ran from Oct 9 to 13 in Chengdu.

During the exhibition, a series of activities were held to further promote talent cultivation, cultural exchange and scientific and technological cooperation with Chengdu.

According to officials, the exhibition attracted more than 500 exhibitors from Shaoxing looking to cooperate with enterprises in Chengdu.