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Yellow wine industry changes leadership

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: January 28, 2021 L M S

The general election conference of the Shaoxing Huangjiu Industry Association was held in Shaoxing Hotel on Jan 23. The association was established in 1994 and has gone through four sessions.


The general election conference of the Shaoxing Huangjiu Industry Association takes place on Jan 23. [Photo/Shaoxing.com.cn]

Xu Mingguang, former vice-mayor of the municipal government, was elected as the fifth president of the association.

Local authorities said Shaoxing huangjiu, or yellow rice wine, has been focusing on building a 100-billion-yuan ($15.45 billion) level industrial cluster with the emergence of fine huangjiu brands like Bushangtou and 1743.

Just as Bordeaux is the wine center of France, Shaoxing is widely regarded as the home of yellow rice wine in China. Yellow rice wine produced in the city is exported to more than 40 countries and regions,.


A licensing ceremony for the organizing committee of the China International Huangjiu Industry Expo. [Photo/Shaoxing.com.cn]

The city is home to 13 huangjiu enterprises above designated scale -- with an annual sales revenue surpassing 20 million. In 2020, their industrial output was 4.3 billion yuan, accounting for one fourth of the total output of China's yellow rice wine industry.