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​Zhejiang to build 15-minute living circles across the province

ezhejiang.gov.cn| Updated: December 29, 2023 L M S

By the end of 2023, East China's Zhejiang province will start developing 15-minute living circles in the 11 cities under its jurisdiction, according to an official document.

Thirteen departments in Zhejiang, including the Department of Commerce, the Development and Reform Commission and the Civil Affairs Bureau, jointly issued a three-year (2023-2025) action plan to promote the construction of 15-minute living circles in Zhejiang province on Dec 20.

According to the action plan, the 11 prefectural-level cities in Zhejiang will begin developing the living circles by the end of 2023 and over 70 percent will be included in the national pilot program.

More than 30 percent of counties, cities and districts will start developing the living circles as well, and more than 15 provincial-level pilot areas will be cultivated.

As stipulated in the plan, by 2025, all 11 prefectural-level cities will be included in the national pilot program. A total of 90 counties, cities, and districts will promote their development, and more than 30 provincial-level pilot areas will be cultivated by then.

Furthermore, over 300 such living circles in a variety of categories will be built with comprehensive functions, excellent services and harmonious environments.

Through these living circles, the overall satisfaction rate of local residents is expected to exceed 90 percent, said the action plan.