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Shaoxing home to captivating cultural destinations

ezhejiang.gov.cn| Updated: January 7, 2024 L M S

The Zhejiang provincial government recently unveiled its third set of provincial-level nighttime cultural and tourism hubs.

Shaoxing claimed two coveted spots on the prestigious list: Keqiao Ancient Town scenic area in Keqiao district and Ying'enmen Water Street scenic area in Yuecheng district.

Town 1 (1).jpeg

Keqiao Ancient Town scenic area is located in Keqiao district. [Photo/Tide News]

Keqiao Ancient Town intertwines traditional architecture with contemporary urban functionality. Fueled by the vibrancy of China Textile City and the dynamic urban landscape of Keqiao, this locale aspires to become a hub for cultural and leisure tourism, business, and exhibitions.

Keqiao Ancient Town has given birth to the "Keqiao Night Fair" activity brand, featuring stylish night markets, ancient-themed night tours, tea parties, and a myriad of other attractions that showcase the ancient town's nighttime cultural and tourism economy.

Town 2 (1).jpeg

Ying'enmen Water Street scenic area is located in Yuecheng district. [Photo/Tide News]

Ying'enmen Water Street holds the distinction of being a national 3A-level tourist attraction. Featuring ancient bridges, temples, and the historic canal, it places a strong emphasis on historical culture and leisure tourism.

The area encompasses six zones, including Ying'en Square, Rice Market Street, and Zhongshan Temple, presenting a rich tapestry of cultural exhibitions, intangible cultural heritage experiences, water night tours, and various culinary delights.