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Shaoxing athletes triumph at national winter games

ezhejiang.gov.cn| Updated: February 21, 2024 L M S

At the 14th Inner Mongolia National Winter Games, Xinchang county's finest athletes snatched up two gold, one silver, and two bronze medals, marking a historic breakthrough for Shaoxing in winter sports.

On Feb 5, the hometown heroes, including ski jumper Zhen Weijie, returned to cheers and celebration in Xinchang.

"Mom, check out the bling I snagged!" Zhen presented his gold medal as soon as he stepped foot back home, soaking in the pride and joy with his family.

Zhen, a standout athlete on the national ski jumping team, brought home a haul of two gold and one bronze medals.

"When I'm back with the national team, it will be full steam ahead for the Milan Winter Olympics in two years," Zhen expressed his determination to dominate the competition again and bring more glory to his hometown.

"It feels awesome to be back home for the New Year after three or four years away. Chowing down on mom and dad's rice cakes, it's like a taste of heaven," Zhen beamed with delight.

"After our historic 5 gold, 1 silver victory at the Hangzhou Asian Games, we've once again made waves in the national winter sports," said an official from Xinchang county's education and sports bureau.

"We're committed to grooming top-tier athletic talent and putting Xinchang on the map in the world of competitive sports," he noted.