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Expert advice on mastering weight loss

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Embarking on a weight loss journey demands more than sheer determination − it requires a strategic approach grounded in science and expert guidance, according to Fan Mingqi, head of the Gym Fitness Studio in Shaoxing.

However, achieving short-term weight loss goals is merely the starting point, particularly for individuals grappling with obesity. Sustaining weight loss necessitates a steadfast commitment to a balanced diet, regular physical activity, and resilience against setbacks.

Fan advocates for a gradual approach to workouts, especially for those with a high body mass index, emphasizing the importance of avoiding overexertion to prevent potential health risks. For individuals looking to achieve a 50 percent reduction in weight, he elaborated on a plan which includes exercise sessions two to four times a week for approximately 18 months.

In the first phase of training, Fan advises a focus primarily on bodyweight exercises, incorporating warm-up routines, resistance training targeting major muscle groups, and cardiovascular exercises to enhance heart and lung functions.

As participants progress, they enter a second phase, which introduces free-weight exercises aimed at building muscle, preventing relapse, and further sculpting the body. Fan noted that it is important for tailored routines to address individual needs, emphasizing muscle strength and joint stability.

After months of dedicated training, individuals reach the final phase. Here, activities like boxing, swimming, and mountaineering under professional guidance enhance muscle explosiveness, coordination, and overall fitness, ensuring sustained weight loss results.