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Li Shutong

ezhejiang.gov.cn| Updated: August 9, 2016 L M S

1470720730214073083.jpgLi Shutong(1880—1942), was a modern poet, calligrapher, seal cutter, educator in music and art and dramatist. Born in Tianjin, he was a native of Pinghu, Zhejiang. His birth names were Wentao and An ("Bank"), courtesy name Xishuang ("Pity on the Frost"), and Li referred to himself as Shutong. He was named as Yanyin after becoming a monk, and known for his Buddhist name Hongyi. He also went by many other different names. In the nearly 100-year-long Chinese cultural development, Master Hongyi was universally acknowledged to be a versatile genius and an extraordinary talent in the academia. As a pioneer of the New Culture Movement, he introduced into China western oil painting, piano and drama, and became world-renowned for his great accomplishments in calligraphy, poetry, painting, music, inscription and drama performance.