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​Xie Lingyun

ezhejiang.gov.cn| Updated: August 9, 2016 L M S

1470644569904032712.jpgXie Lingyun (385-433), was a native of Kuaiji, Zhejiang and a descendant of the Xie Family, a famous noble clan in the Chen County. Nicknamed as Xie Ke, Xie was the grandson of Xie Xuan, the famous general in the Eastern Jin Dynasty (AD317-420). He was known as Xie Kanggong, literally "Duke of Xiekang"  and Xie Kangle by succeeding to the family title “Duke of Kangle”. As a renowned landscape poet, he composed poems mainly in the Song Kingdom (AD 420-479) of Southern Dynasty Period. With his major accomplishments in landscape poetry, Xie was hailed as the progenitor in developing the landscape poetry genre. Since his time, landscape poetry has become one of the major literature schools in China.