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Phaeton provides luxury at summit

By Hao Yan| China Daily| Updated: September 13, 2016 L M S


A total of 345 Volkswagen luxury Phaetons drove into the spotlight when they provided an exclusive premium mobility service to the government heads and senior delegations at the G20 Leaders Summit, which wrapped up last week in Hangzhou.

Volkswagen Import and Zhejiang Zetastone Financial Leasing Co Ltd brought a unique sense of class to the grand gathering through the Phaeton fleets handed over to the Hangzhou government as the official core limousine.

The company saw Phaeton's designation as the official core limousine for the G20 Summit as a recognition of the car's incredible achievements in the industry. The luxury saloon has lived up to this honor by serving summit leaders from around the world with the utmost quality and esteem. The Volkswagen Import Phaeton enjoys enormous popularity in the market, based on its sophisticated yet understated and classic appearance.

The heads' and leaders' ultimate safety is secured in the luxury car, which adopts class-leading dual safety standards. The dual storage battery, dual fuel tank and dual oil pump are installed as standard in every Phaeton for passengers' safety in extreme conditions. A multiple protection design philosophy ensures that the driver can easily handle all difficult situations.

As for active and passive safety, the Phaeton is equipped with a high torsional rigidity frame, electrostatic precipitator, Anti Slip Regulation, Traction Control System and eight airbags. The 4Motion All-Wheel Drive system has a mechanical Torsen differential as the main body. It guarantees the Phaeton's easy cornering at every bend and smooth driving even in bad weather, despite the longer than five-meter body and more than three-meter wheelbase.

The summit participants could have quiet conversations in the hand-built, large-size Phaeton whizzing as fast as 300 km/h, as the dual-layered, glued and wired glass ensures interior tranquility, and the less than one mm metal sheet margin between the trunk and its lid is crafted for vibration-free stability.

Each delegation could adjust the air conditioning for his or her individual zone to achieve the desired temperature. The car is equipped with a four-zone Climatronic, independently adjustable air conditioner, which supplies air gently and finely circulates interior air.

The Phaeton also features a Dynaudio Temptation audio system. When this audio system was first designed, Dynaudio engineers tuned the position, direction and frequency of the speakers based on the different acoustic reflection properties of glass, leather and plastics, ensuring a perfect match in atmosphere between the audio system and the interior.