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Lin'an Economic Development Zone

Updated: November 27, 2017 L M S

Brief introduction to Lin'an Economic Development Zone 

Approved by the government of Zhejiang province, Lin'an Economic Development Zone(临安经济开发区) was set up in September 2001, with a controlled area of 22.4 square kilometers, and a planned area of 11.3 square kilometers. The zone is situated to the east of Lin'an, neighboring Hangzhou city, and facing the Tianmu Mountain to the north and the Qingshan Lake to the south. With the Hang-Yu Expressway passing through the zone, it is only a 40-minute drive from Xiaoshan International Airport.

The zone is located in the center of Zhejiang province. In the zone, the Qingshan channel connects the Jing-Hang (Beijing-Hangzhou) Grand Canal and the Qiantang River. The zone conveniently and equidistantly accesses Shanghai and Ningbo International Harbors. After the opening of the Hangzhou-Huangshan Expressway in 2016, a cloverleaf intersection linking the zone's main entrance was built. With the expansion of Hangzhou district, a light railway and subway are planned, and the Hu-Hang (Shanghai-Hangzhou) maglev train line is expected to connect to the zone in the near future.


The Lin'an Economic and Development Zone is located in a western suburb of Hangzhou, with the Hangzhou-Huangshan Expressway passing its border, which links its main entrance. The Qingshan water route connects to the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal and the Qiantang River in the zone. Light rail trains and the Hangzhou-Shanghai maglev train line are planned for the area in the near future, and are expected to link the Hangzhou subway.

The zone is placed in the strategic position in the center of Zhejiang province, which is marked by its fastest economic growth and largest market holding capacity in China. It is only 20 minutes' drive from Hangzhou, and 40 minutes' drive to Xiaoshan International Airport. Ningbo and Shanghai Harbors are equidistant from the zone.


Lin'an Economic Development Zone is a provincial level economic development area approved by the government of Zhejiang province in 2002. It is situated to the west of the Lin'an city, faces the Qingshan Lake to the south, and has a planned area of 22.4 square kilometers.

Fast development has given the zone a sound investment environment, which ensures power supply, water supply, heating systems, road networks, communications, and sewage and rain drainage systems. A sewage processing with a daily capacity of 40,000 tons has been put into operation. In a few years there will be some three functional areas inside the zone -- a production area, living and service area, and entertainment area -- which are expected to contribute to the excellent investment environment with sound residential, manufacturing, and distribution services.

Service advantages

The administrative committee of the zone answers to the Lin'an government, and offers a one-stop service system for enterprises and projects from registration, enrollment and land application, to the factory building. It also provides investment consultancy and other public service for enterprises.

Business & Investment

Currently, some 50 enterprises have settled in the zone, generating a mixed development style of biological medicine, electronic machinery, food and IT industry.

Relying on the solid industrial base of Hangzhou and Lin'an, a batch of high-tech industrial parks are under construction, including a mechanical and electronic industrial park, and a light texture industrial park.

In order to create and maintain a sound development atmosphere for investors, the zone has developed a chain of mechanical and electronic industry, by introducing hi-tech and pioneering enterprises in pharmaceutical research.

Preferential policies

Enterprises settled in the zone enjoy not only the provincial preferential policies of Zhejiang province, but also the special favorable policies of the zone itself.

Overview of preferential policies:

1.Five to eight years of financial support from the commencement of production and operation in terms of the investment level.

2. Eight years' financial support from the commencement of production and operation for foreign-invested enterprises with at least $1 million (inclusive) registration capital.

3. Special policies can be tailored for special situations, such as massive investment, technology and capital-intensive projects.