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Shopping malls in Taizhou

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: September 15, 2020 L M S

1. Taizhou Jinjiang Department Store

Opened on Dec 13, 2000, Taizhou Jinjiang Department Store is a large integrated enterprise providing shopping, leisure, entertainment and catering. Located in the Taizhou's commercial circle at the intersection of South Jiefang Road and West Zhongshan Road, the store presently hosts nearly 300 famous international and domestic brands.

2. Taizhou Yaoda Department Store

With 36,000 sq m and 250 million yuan ($37.7 million) invested, Taizhou Yaoda Department Store is a five-story modern shopping mall with one basement level. Bringing together supermarkets and retailers of general merchandise, home appliances, gourmet foods and entertainment, it provides a rich variety of goods for using, eating and wearing.