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Rural oxygen bars recommended in Zhejiang

ezhejiang.gov.cn| Updated: December 15, 2020 L M S


Daming Mountain Scenic Area in Qingliangfeng town in Hangzhou's Lin'an district. [Photo/IC]

City dwellers in East China's Zhejiang province are now recommended a great many rural places to escape the hustle and bustle of urban life and enjoy the peace and quiet. 

The Zhejiang Meteorological Bureau recently released a list of 30 "rural oxygen bars" in the province.

The places on the list are selected from all tourism attractions and concentration zones of homestay hotels across the province's rural areas on the basis of field investigations and expert opinions.

The 30 "rural oxygen bars" boast superb air quality, with their annual concentration of negative oxygen ions exceeding 1,000 per cubic centimeters; These places have pleasant climates for at least three months every year; They excel in ecology, transportation, and infrastructure to conduct leisure and tourism activities; They also have strong administrative systems to prevent and alleviate natural disasters.

The "rural oxygen bars" in the provincial capital of Hangzhou are as follows:

Luci village in Fuchunjiang town in Hangzhou's Tonglu county

Daming Mountain Scenic Area in Qingliangfeng town in Hangzhou's Lin'an district

Shangougou Scenic Area in Luniao town in Hangzhou's Yuhang district

Thousand-Islet Lake Jiupaojie Scenic Area in Pingmen township in Hangzhou's Chun'an county

Jiangnan Fairyland Qiliyangfan Scenic Area in Meicheng town in Hangzhou's Jiande city