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Indian yoga coach finds his haven in Changxing

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: March 24, 2021 L M S


Wei Nuo (Chinese name), a yoga coach from India, instructs his students on practicing yoga in Changxing county, Huzhou. [Photo/hz66.com]

In a yoga training center in Huzhou's Changxing county, a yoga coach from India whose Chinese name is Wei Nuo is instructing students in yoga with his limited Mandarin.

The language barrier however hasn't been preventing Wei from becoming a star teacher thanks to his yoga prowess.

In 2014, Wei left New Delhi for China and came to Changxing county, which perches on the southern bank of Taihu Lake, three years ago after working in Chinese cities including Beijing, Xiamen, and Shanghai.

His diet was the biggest problem for the newcomer initially in Changxing county, as Wei was a vegan and unable to speak Mandarin.

The yoga training center's boss and colleagues helped him at this time, accompanying him out to eat or buy food, as well as teaching him simple Mandarin.

Wei said that he felt he was being treated equally in Changxing as "it is unlikely for employees and bosses to go shopping together in India".

The expat now has gotten accustomed to Chinese cuisine as well, finding that vegetables like eggplant and tomatoes go well with curry.

Cultural exchanges between China and India start with three meals a day, he joked.

The Indian has also been captivated by traditional Chinese culture like Chinese tea culture and tai chi. He said that yoga and tai chi have a lot in common, both of which are about "gathering strength".

He doesn't conceal his fondness for Huzhou, saying that he preferred Changxing over New Delhi, as the latter is suffering from serious pollution. Changxing's pretty environment, clean streets, and warm-hearted citizens make him more comfortable.

He said he hopes to introduce Indian culture to Chinese people through authentic Indian yoga teaching.

"Many Chinese think yoga is a female activity. In fact, yoga was invented by men in India, where men do yoga every day," Wei added.

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